Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Favorite Place in the Whole Wide World

I have zero motivation today.  I just don’t want to be at work.

I want to be here.

Yesterday, I made the comment that Mr. DDA & I weren’t poor, we were broke. 

Well, I grew up POOR.   

Not like 3rd world country poor, but poverty level poor. 

I never knew it. 

Not till I became an adult, did I really realize how tough my parents had it.

But if my dad had sold enough wood, and my mom had saved every penny from painting Greek letters, we got to go on vacation. 

And we usually went here

The most magical place on earth to us.

Daytona Beach Shores

You drive to Daytona Beach and you go over the bay bridge and THERE IT IS – the Atlantic Ocean, glistening in the morning sun.  (I can say that because we always drove overnight.)  You can smell the salt air and it just feels perfect. 

It is hands down, still to this day, my favorite place on earth. 

It helps that it’s-no-secret my favorite great aunt spends her summers there.  (Literally, her name is was the 2nd word I ever spoke.  When I was about 6, I ran away from home – to her house.  I didn’t make it, but that’s where I was headed.  And you know what, it’s no secret, she kinda likes me too!)

She would graciously, and still does, let our family use her condo.  And while most people spend every vacation night wining & dining - not us.  We ate in.  We had Mexican night, Italian night, and lunches were sandwiches and ramen.  But it was vacation.  And it was awesome!

Once we got lucky and the family staying next to us had Disney/Sea World connection and we got to go to both parks FOR FREE!! 

It is where I spent part of my honeymoon. 

It is where my mom taught me how to make “witches’ castles.”  If you don’t know what a witches’ castle is, it where you make walls and towers with wet dripping sand. 
And in six weeks, I will be there.  Or more specifically here.

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