Thursday, February 23, 2012


So, it's been a crazy three weeks...

After much debate, we sold our house

Every day the negotiations went on, I though for sure I'd be updating you all with a "It's sold!" post.  And every day came & went. 

It was truly one of the most stressful processes I've ever been through.

They offered a pretty lowball offer.  That we couldn't even entertained.  So we countered, then they countered, then we countered...  You get the point.

And to top it all off, we will be renting from the buyer till our house is complete.  So then we had to figure out how much rent we were willing to pay, how long we wanted to stay here, how much security they wanted vs. how much we were willing to pay... 

And I swear sometimes, dealing with real estate people is like dealing with emus.  Ever tried to talk to an emu?  They look at you like you're the crazy one...not speaking English or something.  THEY ARE AN EMU!!!

But after two weeks of painful negotiations - we all signed on the dotted line.

I heard angels singing.  And no, that's not a metaphor.

I pulled a Gideon, laid a fleece out, and secretly asked God for Him to find us buyers that would rent to us till our house is built.  And He did. 

But even that miracle wasn't enough for me.

I was feeling really bad about the sale.  Nauseated.  Because the buyers picked maybe the worst possible property management team in the NRV to manage the house.  (They shall remain nameless - but they are "explosive.")  I really wanted to cancel the whole deal.  So I asked God for one more thing.  (My mom calls it "Flipping over the fleece.")

One more virtually impossible thing - just to know for sure this deal was the right one for us.

Sell my parents house.

My parents house has been on the market for 2 years.  (Yes - 2 years.)  They've had a few offers but they all fell through. 

I am not lying when I say this, my parents signed a contract on their house 2 days later.  One with virtually no contingencies - except an inspection.  And the buyer - a guy I kinda/sorta dated one summer in high school.  So weird.  (Although he never went to my house, so he probably has no idea the hours spent on the phone with him in that bedroom!)

Ok, God.  Got the picture - Loud & Clear.  Why am I so shocked when He does that?  Anyone else get surprised when they ask for something and get it?  Ok, I'm glad it's not just me.

So I had no qualms whatsoever about signing the final contract.  After all is said & done, we may walk away with $30.  Literally.  But in this market, I'll take it. 

We close on the house hopefully in mid-March.  We will be in this house till May 2013. 

Just enough time for us to complete this:

Our Dream Home

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