Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

Happy New Year!
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Christmas, and every other holiday I've missed with I've been on my blogging hiatus.  (If you've been with me these past two years, you know, I go on them randomly.)
So here were my resolutions last year: 
1.       Lose one dress size - up until Thanksgiving & Christmas I had lost two dress sizes since last year.  Now I have to lose one all over again.  Grr!
2.       Give more.  - eh...I didn't do as great as I hoped. 
3.       Buy fewer shoes. - EPIC FAIL  :)
4.       Try new foods - That's a heck yeah!

2012 was not a banner year for me.  It wasn't bad or traumatic, just one of those growing, painful kind of years that I'd rather forget.  There was a lot that was good like sellingour house, meeting my culinary hero, watching my son start kindergarten...
We survived Hannah's ordeal, the Hokies football team was dismal (although we did pull out an OT win in our bowl game), we lost people near & dear to us, we didn't get our house built - or even started, it was just one of those years...  Oh and to top it all off, one of our babies, Piper, had to be put down...ON CHRISTMAS DAY!  She had a stroke.  It was awful.

But 2013 is all new.  In my OCD brain, 2012 is like a box that all the good and the bad get packed up and put on a shelf.  I don't know that 2013 will be amazing or perfect, but I love getting a brand new calendar and starting over.  (I've been known to throw away a whole calendar if I put someone's birthday on the wrong day.)  I love starting new file folders.  I love fresh starts.  And the new year is always a time for fresh starts.

I know, some people don't do resolutions.  And it's fine if you don't.  I like it.   I like goal setting.  So, here are my resolutions this year:

1.       Give more.   I'd like to, as a family, take on a missionary or two and give to them every month. 
2.       Try new foods at our regular restaurants. 
3.       Lose one dress size.  (AGAIN!) 
4.       Read my Bible through this year.  Our church got these amazing Bible reading calendars that will have us read the Bible in a year and Proverbs each month.  (I used to do that in college.  It was a good habit I got away from.)
5.       Run, really run, a 5k.

So there you have it.  (I gave up on the buy fewer shoes...I should add build a bigger closet to my list.)
Happy New Year!  Enjoy every minute of it.  There are only 525,600 of them.


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